Monday, May 20, 2013

Updates and Stuff

So...I've been busy with school stuff but I'm on break now so there will be LOTS of more smutty smut coming your way.

This Friday, I'll be putting out a new kink I've been kinda obsessed with...sleep sex! :)

I'm working on some naughty pseudo incest stuff that'll be out in June, and I want to do some more shorts in the Probe Me universe and I am DYING to write another Boogeyman story as well.

So many kinks and now I have oodles of time to focus and get them out to yall. :D

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Naughty Audri

So...I've noticed a larger than usual return rate on Bred By The Boogeyman over at Amazon and curiosity made me download a Kindle copy for myself (I usually do this, but I'm back in school so crazy busy-ness) and holy crap...the formatting is funky. :/

I've resubmitted a corrected copy and I just wanted to say sorry to anyone that may have bought the wonky formatted copy. I don't think Amazon will allow you to get an updated version for free, but if you email me at adriheartssmut[at]gmail[dot]com, I'd be more than happy to shoot you a copy of the updated version free of charge.

In other news, Bred by the Boogeyman 2 should be out by next week and I'm super excited about's set in an asylum and there's lots of creepiness, monster sex-ness, and possession type stuff. Def naughty, twisted fun.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Release!

Who woulda thunk I'd have one of these (practically) back to back? This book has been up for a little bit but is more than worthy of a little fan fare for those of yall who like it when I show off a little. ;)

I think I teased a monster sex story and it's officially out in the wild!

When Cassandra Woods moves on campus, she's terrified that the boogeyman, a monster that plagues her dreams, will finally make good on promises to breed her and use her body as he sees fit.
When he comes to her when she's wide awake, Cassandra's worst nightmares will come true...

Here's an excerpt:

I had no time to digest the fact that this was the first time I'd heard his voice in years or that the smoke was giving way to his terrifying figure. He extended to seven, eight feet, and stood bulky and wide. He had tar colored skin that spread into muscles that heaved with each labored breath. Before, he'd always appeared to me dressed in a ragged cloak with stained blood that smelled rotten and putrid, but he stood naked before me. His crotch area was at face level. His penis was massive and dripping, silver veins weaving throughout the thing. It was a monster all its own.
I turned my head to the side, pressing back onto the wall. My mouth worked again and I let out a sob. "'re not real. You're not!"
“Not real, eh?”
I let out a squeal as I felt something slap my face. It wasn’t his hand. I'd felt that in my dreams and it was nearly as solid--his hands were like a million knives.
I blinked through the tears and focused. When it came sailing toward my face again, I let out a screech. It was his…he was slapping me with his penis!
"Open your mouth," he growled. "You've dreamt of this, Little Dove. Now feast."
I pursed my lips tight but the smell still invaded me. It was rancid meat. Spoiled eggs. Fecal matter. And it was leaking silver goo.
It landed over my lips, leaving a splatter of his juices on my flesh. Something in me forced my tongue out, forced me to taste it. I was expecting something that would make me vomit, but it wasn't repugnant. It tasted like chocolate and blackberries and chicken quesadillas. It tasted like all my favorite things.
I moaned as I brought my hand to my mouth, smearing his cock goo all over my face. I suckled my fingers.
"You want more of me, do you not?" he said with a thick chuckle. "Open that mouth wider and I'll give it all to you."
A voice inside me shrieked, trying to snap me out of it. Don't do it. You don't want this. You can't want this!
But just like all the times before, I found myself drawn to him. Willing to do whatever he said.

Pick up your naughty copy at:

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Release!

It's been wayyy too long since I've made an NR post, but I'm literally gushing with pride now that Our Family Secrets 4 is out for the masses!
Here's the cover:
It's pretty much in the same vein as the other Our Family books...naughty families with naughty secrets (steprelations of course ;).

A father and a daughter find out just how erotic rest stop rendezvous' can be.
A son that likes to touch himself while watching his mother will find he's not the only one with taboo fantasies.
A daughter with poor first semester grades will get a spanking to remember.
Three families. Three hot secrets.
Our Family Secrets 4 includes the stories:
-Road Trip Hookup
-While Mommy’s Sleeping
-Spare The Rod
Our Family Secrets 4 includes graphic sexual content including pseudo incest, rough sex and bdsm/spanking. All characters engaging in sex are 18+. This title is intended for adult audiences only.

It's currently 2.99 at most online retailers, but I'm giving my blog readers a chance to pick it up for 0.99! All you have to do is email me at adriheartssmut[at]gmail[dot]com and tell me which of my books is your favorite and why and I'll shoot you the coupon code. Email--not blog comment! Easy peasy!

For those who don't wanna play :(, you can pick up the book at any of the linkies below:
Barnes and Noble

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hangs head...

May 1. That's the last time I posted.
I know, I know...I'm naughty. And I should be spanked (any takers? :)
I've been doing a lot of traveling this summer, breaking hearts, taking names, making it rain with my smut moolah and all that jazz.

But you guys have been so super supportive and I wanted to stop in and say, "OMG I haven't posted in months!!!" and I'll try to be better. Pinkyswears.


I should have some new stuff coming out soon! I'm working on Probe Me 3, which to be straight up, is the most hardcore thing I've ever written. Those familiar with my work should be able to appreciate just how fanfreakingtastic that could be. ;)
I'm also wrapping up my shameless attempt to cash in on the billionaire craze. I don't even LIKE romancey schmancey and happily ever after but I got bit by the 50 shades bug. Don't worry, it's an experiment, so if it goes tits up, I'll stick with my taboo goodness.

Anywho, just wanted to stop in and say I'm still alive and still writing. Stay tuned for new releases!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy busy bee!

So I've been deliciously busy writing smut...should prob be studying, but being naughty is so much more fun! :)

My latest release:
Stairway to Hayden

Hayden Southerland’s mother just hit the road, taking a life full of quoting bible verses and doing what was right with her. All that’s left is Hayden’s taboo desires to screw the h, e, double hockey sticks out of her stepdad. With nothing left to lose, Hayden’s gonna go to hell for giving into her sinful wants…

A little taste to whet your appetite:

I should have been more bothered by the fact that my mother was gone.
She wasn’t having a girl's weekend, taking a break from the hard-knocks life of a housewife, or on an extended spa day. It turned out her mini vacations, every Saturday like clockwork, were really just an excuse to get some alone time with the deacon of our church. In the letter she left, she claimed there was more to life, loosely translated, “I'm riding off into the sunset with my dirty little secret.”
She turned out to be a hypocrite in the end with all her religious, fire-and-brimstone-being-a-good-person mumbo jumbo. I’d tried to be the best person I was supposed to be, trying to make her happy. Trying to make God happy. Colossians 3:20: “Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.” How many times had it been drilled into my head while all the while, she was getting drilled by someone who was definitely not her husband.
Even though she’s gone and spat on everything she claimed she lived by, I can't bring myself to hate her. She’s my mom after all—a b-word, but my mom nonetheless.
I let out a sigh as I trudged downstairs. Even though my life was falling apart at the seams, I still had to eat something. Put on a brave face for the rest of the world. As soon as I hit the landing, I snapped to a stop. My mouth, and other parts that aren’t right for a good Christian girl to discuss, watered.  My stepdad, Jason Southerland, stood shirtless, his sturdy back taut and ripped as he clutched the counter, gazing out the window.
Even though I hadn’t moved a muscle, there was still the whisper in the back of my head telling me I was going to hell. Why? Because I stood there watching him, taking in every toned inch of him instead of turning away. Because no amount of praying could change the fact that I wanted to have sex with my stepdad.
The floor squeaked beneath my bare feet and he wheeled slowly. He swiped at his face and flashed me an unsteady smile. "H-Hayden!" He cleared his throat and walked to the cabinet. "You want me to make you some breakfast? Some eggs and toast?"
Bless his heart. We both knew he couldn't scramble, fry, or hard boil an egg to save his life. But he didn’t have to know how to cook, because any woman with a lick of sense would be lucky to take care of him. That muscled back and firm behind? It was just the beginning. From the front, one got a gander of what Samson must have looked like.  His body was all golden and hard and I couldn’t help but imagine what running my fingers along his chiseled chest would be like. A body like his belonged in battle, fighting for glory. Not fighting to keep it together after his wife, and my mom, hit the road.
I tossed my strawberry blonde hair over my shoulder and shook my head. "That's okay. I'm not very hungry."
He let out a bitter chuckle. "I don't know where a damn thing in this kitchen is anyway." He snapped his fingers. "Except for the booze."
I furrowed my brow. We didn’t have any alcohol in the house. Mom was always super strict about it, even though as a cop, my stepdad saw things that would drive any rational person to drink.
But sure ‘nough, he dug in the cabinet over the stove and came out with a bottle of wine, wielding it like the devil’s trophy.
He dusted it off a bit. "This was for special occasions." I watched in awe as he wrenched the cork out and threw the bottle back, chugging it. A bead of red coursed down his chin, the knot of his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed. I stood there, flabbergasted, and doubly so when he extended the bottle to me. "Want a sip?"
"No!" I said in shock. Even if I was of age, alcohol was a no no. Pastor spoke frequently about the desires of the flesh and the evils of liquor was pretty high on his taboo list.
My baby blue eyes went wide, searching his dark ones. The hurt was there, and confusion. And why shouldn't he be? To the outside world, we were the picture perfect family. My mother was a former beauty queen, a living Barbie with her fair skin and pale blond hair. My stepdad was her Ken, with ebony hair and an athletic body. I rounded out the portrait, the spitting image of my mother except for my baby blue eyes and buxom curves. Apparently it was a gift from my bio dad, as she loved to remind me when she got pissed off about something or another.
But it was all a charade. Our little slice of good, Christian living and she’d been living out her own private Sodom and Gomorrah. Even though I’d been the perfect daughter, doing everything that was expected of me right up to getting into a good college, only God knew if she’d actually even see me off when I moved out in two weeks. I had a feeling that it was the last thing on her selfish mind.
Everything was different now. I saw it in the way my stepdad glanced around the kitchen. Like he noticed how empty it was without her there, bustling around and humming some random song. Like he felt how pointless it all seemed.
He took a step toward me after a moment, need tingeing his voice. "Did she say anything to you, Hayden? Give any indication?"
I shook my head. "No. I'm as surprised as you are."
His eyes darkened. "I doubt that." He wheeled to the table and snatched up a piece of paper. I recognized Mom's dainty cursive. It was her ‘Dear John’ note. It was clearly ruffled and crumbled, like he’d tried to toss it, but changed his mind, digging the knife even deeper. "She didn't leave you. You'll always have your mother. She left me.”
 I took a cautious step forward. "I know that I probably don't get what this means for you. Not really. But she left me too." The loss hit me like a wave and I felt the tears burn the corners of my eyes. "And I-" The words caught in my throat. She'd only been gone twenty four hours and already I felt hollow.
His face changed, guilt and sympathy transforming the anger. He reached out and brought me into his arms. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. Of course you get it. I shouldn’t have said that."
I laid my head against his chest and…wait. I was against him, closer than I ever thought I could or should be. Especially since I was becoming more and more aware of my body. My breath was coming in gasps. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would beat out of my chest. My cheeks were burning hot, but it didn't compare to the heat rushing to my groin. The nearness of him was making me feel like I had last summer when Blake Rhodes kissed me after the prayer circle. Back then, under the stars, with the mosquitoes buzzing in my ears and nerves making me twitch, the area at the core of me clenched and unclenched as his lips smothered mine.  If just hugging my stepdad made me feel that way, what would kissing him do?
I stepped back. Lord have mercy. How could I even think such a thing? Yeah, so maybe he wasn't technically my biological father, but still, he was married to my mom. Even though I didn't call him Daddy, he'd gone to the home games to see me cheer, chorus concerts, even the Father-Daughter dance last year.
Yes he was hot. Made me hot. And boy did his body feel nice against mine. But it couldn't happen. It wasn’t right or proper. Heck, I bet he wasn't even interested.
He gave me a wounded look after I put some space between the two of us. When I tightened my robe, he tightened his jaw. "I wasn't trying to, uh, feel you up or-"
"Oh no, of course not," I said quickly. He looked so hurt by the assumption, and then that on top of Mom leaving...I couldn’t leave it like that. I couldn’t let him think I thought he was a letch. “I wasn't trying to say-” I paused and took a breath. “We just shouldn't touch." That sounded worse. "I mean, you're shirtless and-" I stopped, just digging myself deeper. "It makes me feel weird."
He frowned. "I make you feel weird?"
"Yes!" I let out a groan of frustration. "I mean, no." I was just confusing us both. I just decided to say it. If it squicked him out, I could just take it back. "I like you."
He ran a hand through his wavy hair and the dark waves crashed back, framing his handsome face. "You like me?"
I nodded.
He tilted his head in my direction. "Well, I like you too, Hayden." He said it in a genial way, a step above patting me on the head.
My lips trembled. What did I expect? He probably saw me as a kid. As his stepdaughter.
Apparently my expression said it all plain as day because realization drained his face of all color. "Oh. You like me."
I blushed at his tone. I mean it was so obviously wrong. Definitely a sin. But with the way he closed his eyes, shutting them so tight, my stomach knotted all up. Was the concept of me and him that horrifying? It was like it would be a fate worse than death.
"I'm sorry," I spat out, now feeling like a total loser.
“You’re sorry?”
"I mean I was just kidding,” I lied.
"No you weren't."
"Yes I was," I said adamantly, my voice rising and totally proving him right.
"No, you meant what you said," he said softly. "I know because I..." He took a step toward me but paused a few feet away, like he was afraid he'd contaminate me. There went those eyes squeezing shut again. "Lord help me." When he finally opened them, he didn’t have to say another word. Everything I'd felt because of my attraction—jealousy, shame, painful self-control—it was all there in his eyes.
My stepdad liked me too.
I shushed the voice inside my head that told me to dash upstairs. Close my door. Read the Bible. Pray. Pray some more. And then there was the devil on my shoulder. What about Lot? His wife turned into a pillar of salt and he and his daughter had a threesome. Now that I knew it the attraction wasn’t one sided, I couldn’t run. Not when we needed each other. Not when we could have this one thing.
I bridged the space between us, leaning up and pressing my head against his chest. His muscles were tight as a bowstring. His heart raced, just like mine.
His hands were against my shoulders, but he didn’t push me away. "We shouldn't."
My lips caressed the angel wings of his collar bone, gently brushing up and down the firm length. My fingers made impressions of his pecs, tight and firm. I touched the solid groves of his abs. They were the same abs that I'd lusted after during family beach trips, wondering what it would be like to actually feel them outside of my fantasies. Now he was actually here, his body sturdy and pressed against me.
I still wasn’t sure though. It was possible I was reading something into it. Grief made people see things after all.
And then I felt it. His, uh, you know what. Hot, hard, and ready to go. He wanted this. Just as bad as I did.

Pick up your copy at:

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Release!

I love new release's like Xmas morning. :D

My love letter to 90's teen movies, the first in my Nineties Throwback Erotica Series Can't Hardly Wait, is now available!

Here's a little descript:
The school year is inching to a close and Andy Roberts is running out of opportunities to tell the girl of his dreams, Bethany Holt how he really feels. When she asks him for help studying for their final exam, Rick can’t hardly wait to make a move—but will Bethany shut him down?


Andy Roberts stared across the cold, cinder block classroom, his eyes drawn to the girl he’d
pined on since, well, forever. She was an angel in the guise of a high school senior, all beauty
and reverence.  
Bethany Holt--her long, strawberry blonde hair glittered like copper as the early morning sunlight
poured through the window to dance amongst her curly locks.  Her emerald eyes were always
wide and playful, full of sparkle and kindness.  She was the kind of girl that you could just totally
be friends with, if you didn’t feel nauseous every time you tried to talk too her.  The girl of your
This was their final year at Lawnville High, and it was coming to a bittersweet end. If Andy
couldn’t get up the nerve to talk to Bethany before the school year came to a close, he would
lose his chance forever.  The thought of never seeing her again was a permanent black cloud at
the back of his mind.
Andy noticed his brother, Rick, siting at the far desk against the wall.  He sat 2 rows back from
Bethany, and his eyes were glued to her like a puppy dog staring at his favorite toy.  What a
jerk.  Rick knew how Andy felt about Bethany.  Rick had always tried to take everything that was
important to him.  
Rick was a year younger than Andy, and skipped a grade a few years ago.  Now everything
Rick did was better than Andy, because he was doing it a year earlier.  His glasses and scrawny
frame marked him for the geek he was, but some how he turned his inner nerd into a sort of
awkward charm.  If being a smarty-pants wasn’t enough, he also craved the spotlight, and had
become a master at steeling it from Andy himself.  And now he was after his girl.
Well, not his girl per say, but she would be if he could just work up the nerve and talk with her,
he just knew it.  Andy had known Bethany for 6 years now, since they both had started middle
school together.  His heart had hit the roof of his mouth the first time he saw her. She’d been so
beautiful, wearing a yellow sundress flowing around her perfect hips, the skin of her shapely
legs, almost opalescent in the morning light.  Immediately smitten, he had walked up to her desk
on that first day, full of confidence and knowing in his heart that she would fall for his charms,
and proceeded to puke all over her and her desk the moment he opened his mouth.  Mortified,
he never again could muster up the courage to speak to her again.  
The sweet smell of cotton candy and vanilla snapped Andy out of his nostalgia, Bethany’s
perfume.  His mouth fell open as he suddenly realized that class was over, and she was
standing in front of him.
“Hey, you OK?” She smiled, sending shock waves of want over his body.  “You were looking
kind of distant there.”
“Uh... Oh, I’m fine....  I guess...” Andy stammered.  Crap, he had already screwed up again.  He
could feel the nausea building up in the pit of his stomach.  He watched as a concerned look
crept across Bethany’s face.
“You don’t really look okay,” she said skeptically.Andy put on a brave face. “I’m cool. What’s up?”
“Well, I just wanted to ask you if you could help me with next exam?” Her cheeks flushed cotton
candy pink. “Rick said you were the best.”
“Rick?” Andy was confused.  When had Rick talked to Bethany?  And why the heck would he
say that he was the best?
“I can make it worth your while!” Bethany grabbed his hand as she looked at him with those
wide, green eyes.  Andy’s heart nearly exploded as he felt her hand caress the top of his. She
must have picked up on her effect, and where his mind went, because she clarified quickly. “I
mean, I make one helluva batch of chocolate chip cookies.” She winked. “From scratch.”
“Uhm, of course I can help you.” Andy managed to whisper.
“Great!  You will come by my place?  Say at four?  Here is my number.”  
Andy inhaled as Bethany once again took his hand to write her number in black sharpie. He
stared, slack jawed as Bethany walked away.  Just as she got to the door, she turned back.
“Just don’t puke on me again, OK?” she said, her voice playful.
Rick flushed red as a lobster.

It's up at the usual suspects:

Can't Hardly Wait at Amazon
Can't Hardly Wait at B+N
Can't Hardly Wait at Smashwords

And what's Xmas without a little present? Here's a coupon for 50% off over at Smashwords:  NX42S


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