Monday, April 16, 2012

New Release!

I love new release's like Xmas morning. :D

My love letter to 90's teen movies, the first in my Nineties Throwback Erotica Series Can't Hardly Wait, is now available!

Here's a little descript:
The school year is inching to a close and Andy Roberts is running out of opportunities to tell the girl of his dreams, Bethany Holt how he really feels. When she asks him for help studying for their final exam, Rick can’t hardly wait to make a move—but will Bethany shut him down?


Andy Roberts stared across the cold, cinder block classroom, his eyes drawn to the girl he’d
pined on since, well, forever. She was an angel in the guise of a high school senior, all beauty
and reverence.  
Bethany Holt--her long, strawberry blonde hair glittered like copper as the early morning sunlight
poured through the window to dance amongst her curly locks.  Her emerald eyes were always
wide and playful, full of sparkle and kindness.  She was the kind of girl that you could just totally
be friends with, if you didn’t feel nauseous every time you tried to talk too her.  The girl of your
This was their final year at Lawnville High, and it was coming to a bittersweet end. If Andy
couldn’t get up the nerve to talk to Bethany before the school year came to a close, he would
lose his chance forever.  The thought of never seeing her again was a permanent black cloud at
the back of his mind.
Andy noticed his brother, Rick, siting at the far desk against the wall.  He sat 2 rows back from
Bethany, and his eyes were glued to her like a puppy dog staring at his favorite toy.  What a
jerk.  Rick knew how Andy felt about Bethany.  Rick had always tried to take everything that was
important to him.  
Rick was a year younger than Andy, and skipped a grade a few years ago.  Now everything
Rick did was better than Andy, because he was doing it a year earlier.  His glasses and scrawny
frame marked him for the geek he was, but some how he turned his inner nerd into a sort of
awkward charm.  If being a smarty-pants wasn’t enough, he also craved the spotlight, and had
become a master at steeling it from Andy himself.  And now he was after his girl.
Well, not his girl per say, but she would be if he could just work up the nerve and talk with her,
he just knew it.  Andy had known Bethany for 6 years now, since they both had started middle
school together.  His heart had hit the roof of his mouth the first time he saw her. She’d been so
beautiful, wearing a yellow sundress flowing around her perfect hips, the skin of her shapely
legs, almost opalescent in the morning light.  Immediately smitten, he had walked up to her desk
on that first day, full of confidence and knowing in his heart that she would fall for his charms,
and proceeded to puke all over her and her desk the moment he opened his mouth.  Mortified,
he never again could muster up the courage to speak to her again.  
The sweet smell of cotton candy and vanilla snapped Andy out of his nostalgia, Bethany’s
perfume.  His mouth fell open as he suddenly realized that class was over, and she was
standing in front of him.
“Hey, you OK?” She smiled, sending shock waves of want over his body.  “You were looking
kind of distant there.”
“Uh... Oh, I’m fine....  I guess...” Andy stammered.  Crap, he had already screwed up again.  He
could feel the nausea building up in the pit of his stomach.  He watched as a concerned look
crept across Bethany’s face.
“You don’t really look okay,” she said skeptically.Andy put on a brave face. “I’m cool. What’s up?”
“Well, I just wanted to ask you if you could help me with next exam?” Her cheeks flushed cotton
candy pink. “Rick said you were the best.”
“Rick?” Andy was confused.  When had Rick talked to Bethany?  And why the heck would he
say that he was the best?
“I can make it worth your while!” Bethany grabbed his hand as she looked at him with those
wide, green eyes.  Andy’s heart nearly exploded as he felt her hand caress the top of his. She
must have picked up on her effect, and where his mind went, because she clarified quickly. “I
mean, I make one helluva batch of chocolate chip cookies.” She winked. “From scratch.”
“Uhm, of course I can help you.” Andy managed to whisper.
“Great!  You will come by my place?  Say at four?  Here is my number.”  
Andy inhaled as Bethany once again took his hand to write her number in black sharpie. He
stared, slack jawed as Bethany walked away.  Just as she got to the door, she turned back.
“Just don’t puke on me again, OK?” she said, her voice playful.
Rick flushed red as a lobster.

It's up at the usual suspects:

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