Friday, August 10, 2012

New Release!

It's been wayyy too long since I've made an NR post, but I'm literally gushing with pride now that Our Family Secrets 4 is out for the masses!
Here's the cover:
It's pretty much in the same vein as the other Our Family books...naughty families with naughty secrets (steprelations of course ;).

A father and a daughter find out just how erotic rest stop rendezvous' can be.
A son that likes to touch himself while watching his mother will find he's not the only one with taboo fantasies.
A daughter with poor first semester grades will get a spanking to remember.
Three families. Three hot secrets.
Our Family Secrets 4 includes the stories:
-Road Trip Hookup
-While Mommy’s Sleeping
-Spare The Rod
Our Family Secrets 4 includes graphic sexual content including pseudo incest, rough sex and bdsm/spanking. All characters engaging in sex are 18+. This title is intended for adult audiences only.

It's currently 2.99 at most online retailers, but I'm giving my blog readers a chance to pick it up for 0.99! All you have to do is email me at adriheartssmut[at]gmail[dot]com and tell me which of my books is your favorite and why and I'll shoot you the coupon code. Email--not blog comment! Easy peasy!

For those who don't wanna play :(, you can pick up the book at any of the linkies below:
Barnes and Noble

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