Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Release!

Who woulda thunk I'd have one of these (practically) back to back? This book has been up for a little bit but is more than worthy of a little fan fare for those of yall who like it when I show off a little. ;)

I think I teased a monster sex story and it's officially out in the wild!

When Cassandra Woods moves on campus, she's terrified that the boogeyman, a monster that plagues her dreams, will finally make good on promises to breed her and use her body as he sees fit.
When he comes to her when she's wide awake, Cassandra's worst nightmares will come true...

Here's an excerpt:

I had no time to digest the fact that this was the first time I'd heard his voice in years or that the smoke was giving way to his terrifying figure. He extended to seven, eight feet, and stood bulky and wide. He had tar colored skin that spread into muscles that heaved with each labored breath. Before, he'd always appeared to me dressed in a ragged cloak with stained blood that smelled rotten and putrid, but he stood naked before me. His crotch area was at face level. His penis was massive and dripping, silver veins weaving throughout the thing. It was a monster all its own.
I turned my head to the side, pressing back onto the wall. My mouth worked again and I let out a sob. "N-No...you're not real. You're not!"
“Not real, eh?”
I let out a squeal as I felt something slap my face. It wasn’t his hand. I'd felt that in my dreams and it was nearly as solid--his hands were like a million knives.
I blinked through the tears and focused. When it came sailing toward my face again, I let out a screech. It was his…he was slapping me with his penis!
"Open your mouth," he growled. "You've dreamt of this, Little Dove. Now feast."
I pursed my lips tight but the smell still invaded me. It was rancid meat. Spoiled eggs. Fecal matter. And it was leaking silver goo.
It landed over my lips, leaving a splatter of his juices on my flesh. Something in me forced my tongue out, forced me to taste it. I was expecting something that would make me vomit, but it wasn't repugnant. It tasted like chocolate and blackberries and chicken quesadillas. It tasted like all my favorite things.
I moaned as I brought my hand to my mouth, smearing his cock goo all over my face. I suckled my fingers.
"You want more of me, do you not?" he said with a thick chuckle. "Open that mouth wider and I'll give it all to you."
A voice inside me shrieked, trying to snap me out of it. Don't do it. You don't want this. You can't want this!
But just like all the times before, I found myself drawn to him. Willing to do whatever he said.

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